LifePractice PBL: The Mighty Mondo

LifePractice PBL: The Mighty Mondo

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Remember how closely you followed a recipe when you learned to cook? And now you use recipes mostly for inspiration and general guidance? These LifePractice PBL recipe cards are just like that, with a delicious anchoring artifact you know your kids will love, and listing of content "ingredients" you know will deliver quality nutrition to your students' minds.

Our LifePractice PBL recipe cards for Project/Problem Based Learning are built specifically for K12 use with groups or individual students. Each card features an intriguing problem where students are able to then integrate core content, such as Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing into their solutions. Every problem includes deeply embedded creativity, problem-solving, and collaborative learning.

The fully-customizable LifePractice PBL recipe cards are packaged in content sets, but we encourage you to integrate as many of the content ingredients you can for a complete meal of PBL. Teachers are able to ramp up or scale back the complexity of each card to create the unit that feeds the students at their tables. Each set includes unit cards that give the beginning or advanced PBL teacher a variety of topics to capture and engage kids’ minds and hearts.

Use these cards year after year for a different PBL experience each time!

  1. 1920's: The Original YOLO Generation: Go back in time to spend one month in the 3rd decade of the 1900's
  2. 2-D to 3-D: Design a sculpture in 2-D and export it to 3-D
  3. Aliens Alive: Invent a way to explore the Universe, searching for extraterrestrial life
  4. All About the Greeks: Create a book, audio- or video-based story that teaches about the Ancient Greeks
  5. All about the Mayas: Create a book, audio or video based story that teaches about the Mayas
  6. All About the Skeleton: Create a book, audio or video based story that teaches about the human skeleton.
  7. All about Tornadoes: Create a book, audio or video-based story that teaches about tornadoes.
  8. Amelia Earhart's Last Plane: Go back in time and save Amelia!
  9. Ancient Merchant Ships of the Black Sea: Excavate an ancient Greek or Roman ship
  10. Apollo 13: Create a scale-model of the Apollo 13 command module
  11. Biodome 2100: Design a Biodome that addresses humanity's needs in the year 2100
  12. Blood Suckers: Real Vampires Can we save human lives while keeping a balanced ecosystem?
  13. Cache-ing up with Lewis & Clark: Create a replica of a cache that would have been left by the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
  14. Create a 3D Design Business: Plan and open a business based on 3D designs
  15. Creating a Greater Good: Can we make money by doing the right thing?
  16. Design an App: Conceive and design an app for smart phones
  17. Dinosaur Fossils: Create and excavate your own dinosaur fossils
  18. Doomsday 1: Save the Earth from a killer asteroid
  19. Ears that See: Find a way for blind people to see with their ears
  20. Fabric Design Business: Design and open an online fabric store that generates profit
  21. Food: Planning to Live: Is the food we're eating killing us?
  22. Future Oregon Trails: Envision the new pioneer trails of our Future. What is our new frontier?
  23. Gaming for College: Design, create, & launch a game/app with a plan that generates college cash
  24. Get Up, Stand Up: Coordinate an event to help support the civil rights of a chosen group
  25. Gladiator! Create and host your own modern gladiatorial games
  26. Inside Jules Verne's Brain: Create you own steampunk future technology
  27. It's In Your Genes! Make an informed recommendation for the legality of patenting modified genes.
  28. It's MY Business! Explore viable options for a business that works, just for you.
  29. Kansas: As Big As you think!: Create a book, audio or video based story that teaches about this beautiful state
  30. Lifted on Wings of Courage: Research and reconstruct Icarus' wings
  31. Martian Colony: Design a plan for a Martian Colony
  32. Monkey Sea, Monkey Do: Hatch Sea Monkeys and document their life cycle
  33. Move it Off the Grid! What would it take to move your school off the grid?
  34. Munition or Medicine? Using Civil War era tools but today's knowledge go back and save lives
  35. Music Makers and Muses: Build your own Guitar, Violin, Flute, etc
  36. No Wright Answer: Re-imagine the airplane as if the Wright brothers never built theirs.
  37. Nuclear War is Inevitable: Design a way to safely discard all nuclear weapons
  38. On the Money! What is our economy if there is no money?
  39. Open a Store: Plan and open an online store with a plan for generating profits.
  40. Pandemic! Predict and stop the world's next catastrophic disease.
  41. Phar Lap's Mystery: Solve the mystery of Phar Lap's Death
  42. Poe: Madman or Genius? Create an autobiography for Poe or for yourself using Poe's style
  43. Pompeii and Circumstance: Go back in time and save the citizens of Pompeii, a real-time simulation
  44. Publish & Promote Your Book: Produce a book and publish it with a plan for generating sales.
  45. Red Scare: We're Our Own Worst Enemy Create a mini-documentary supporting/refuting Red Scare tactics and results
  46. Reversion the Invasion: Redesign the landing craft of WWII
  47. Save Kennedy: Go back in time and save Kennedy from assassination
  48. Save Lincoln: Go back in time and save Lincoln from assassination
  49. Save the Titanic: Go back in time and save the Titanic from sinking
  50. Shed-Ing Light on Water Issues: What happens when your town runs out of potable water?
  51. Space Ships to our Future: Design a next generation spaceship
  52. Sports Drinks: Myth or Magic? : Prove whether sports drinks truly enhance performance or not
  53. States' Rights? or Wrong? 1786: Re-write the Articles of Confederation
  54. Stealth Fighter: Create a scale model of an F117 Stealth Fighter
  55. The South's civil War Submarine: Tell the story of the Confederate ship, H.L. Hunley
  56. The Time of our Lives: Invent a calendar that improves the one we currently use
  57. This Land is MY Land: Create a book or an audio/video based story that tells about immigration to our land
  58. Undersea Colonies: Design a living space under the ocean
  59. Viking Ship: Create a scale-model Viking ship as you learn beyond the slash and burn archetype of this complex civilization.
  60. Viva La Revolution! Using the lessons of the past, predict the next revolution
  61. Walk-Thru Cell: Design an animal cell big enough to walk through.
  62. Which Witch is Which?: Create a book, audio, or video story that tells about the events of the Salem Witch Trials
  63. Your State...History Pride: Create a book, audio or video based story that teaches about this beautiful state
  64. YouTube You! Plan and launch a YouTube channel with a plan for generating profits
  65. Tricks, Treats, and Gargoyle Feets! How do global traditions about life & death contribute to today's Halloween festivities